Helping ambitious high-performing women up level their health, mental and emotional state so they can achieve the greatness in life.


I’m Graciela, a Registered Nutrition Practitioner and a High-Performance Coach. I am dedicated to help you find clarity, reach peak health and unlock your full potential.

My life purpose is to help you go further and beyond the norm of your typical results. I’m here to support you continuously to grow and succeed, to help you be the person you always wanted to be  – resulting in a feeling of full engagement, joy and confidence that comes from consistently living as your best self.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Work with me

If you are ambitious, highly driven, passionate and you love growth, success and accomplishment I am the coach for you.

Whether you need support physically, emotionally, mentally or defining your purpose – I can help. Whilst together we may focus on a specific area of development, my experience and training allows me to create impactful change on a deep level to enable true transformation.

Purpose & Life Strategy Programme

Metabolic & Mindset Reset Programme

Human Potential & High- Performance Coaching

“For a few months, I have felt my anxiety levels increasing and worsening. I started to worry this was escalating and I could not manage it well. I decided to seek professional help and Graciela came into my life.

Since our first session together, I felt an instant connection and this feeling put my mind at ease as I understood I had found a caring, empathetic and trustworthy professional. She was the right person for me.

Working with Graciela has helped me understand why I am feeling this way and through weekly sessions, she has helped me tune into my inner thoughts, have more compassion towards myself and find me.”

– Emma Mason, Nutrition & Functional Medicine Practitioner

“Graciela is a fantastic professional who understands not only the physical aspects of health and disease, but also how behaviour and motivation play a key role in achieving your goals. Her performance coaching skills combined with her nutrition insight make Graciela a unique practitioner that I would myself be delighted to work with as a client.”

– Miguel Mateas, Clinical Neuroscientist, researcher and nutritionist, BANT Chairman

“Before I started coaching with Graciela, I was not living the life I really wanted to. Graciela supports and listens to you. She’s a very understanding person and really helps you achieve your goals! She really elevated me as a person.”

– Jody Francis, Personal Investor

“Graciela is a supportive, knowledgeable, non-judgmental and genuine professional with an outstanding natural intuition.

She helped me to overcome my low level of confidence and self-belief by empowering me to develop a healthier mindset. She taught me how to reach my highest potential through a deeper understanding of myself.

She helped me to fulfil and balance my life with excellent results.”

– Jody Francis, Personal Investor

“Graciela helped me when l needed it the most.

Thanks to her, l am overcoming issues related to overeating and self-esteem.

Week after week she is helping me to reach my potential. I can talk to her like a close friend, but she is also very professional.

I could not recommend her enough, even if you’ve never had any coaching before or if you are in need of a change and don’t know where to start.”

– Oscar Cavero, Senior Nurse

My Story

Coming from a line of doctors, my passion for health runs in the family. Through my own life experiences, I know first-hand that your habits determine your destiny. My unique life journey and education, help me serve you. It’s my purpose to help you achieve big health and build a life you truly love.


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